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"At Catoctin College, we are committed to providing an educational platform for professional development, and to partner with people, businesses, and organizations to share knowledge, and help people improve their skills."

- Michael Hackmer, CEO and Founder, Catoctin Education and Catoctin College

Knowledge Library

Our goal is to build a library of high-quality and advanced classes and courses for professionals who want to improve their knowledge and skills.

Teachers with Experience

Our teachers are not just knowledge experts, but have real-world experience in the topics they teach about. We believe in teaching from experience, and learning by doing.

Classroom and Online

We offer classroom and online courses. All classroom courses are also offered online, but classroom students often have field experiences not available to virtual students.

Curriculum Development

For many, the difficulty in creating a class or course curriculum keeps them from sharing their knowledge. We help every aspiring teacher bring their course to life.

How Catoctin College Works

For Students

We both produce our own classes and courses, as well as help create and promote classes and courses from individuals, businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Anyone not directly employed by Catoctin College has the organization they represent listed.

Some of our classes require a fee to attend, while others are strictly free for all users. You decide which classes you want to take. Registration is required for all classes.

Everyone is eligible to enroll in any course offered at Catoctin College. There is no pre-registration fee or equipment fees.

For Teachers

All teachers are paid almost the full profit from their courses. Catoctin does charge some processing and set-up fees to ensure our costs are covered. However, we also want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your time and knowledge.

Our goal is to help you get your course content created, and at the highest possible quality. Only quality content will be accepted.

It is really THAT simple.

As a teacher with Catoctin College, your benefits include:

  • Support from our team to create your course curriculum, and structure the best presentation format
  • Pricing guidance to make sure your courses are affordable for students and profitable for you, and
  • Marketing plans to get promote your course to the right audience.

Some of Catoctin College's Teachers


Services from Catoctin College

Curriculum Development

Catoctin's staff will work with you to design a class or course curriculum that will meet your target audience's needs, and provide value to the broader Catoctin community of learners.

Audience Identification

We review your course ideas, and help you to identify your target audience. This can include research and analysis of search behavior in Google.

Marketing Plans

Marketing is an important service. Promotion of your course to the Catoctin community, as well as your target audience will help ensure you have students.

Classroom Support

When you decide to host a class at Ecofy in Washington, DC, or if you need classroom support on-site, Catoctin helps to make sure everything from audio, video, and in-class resources are ready.

Netcasts / Podcasts

If you want to create a Netcast or Podcast to act as supporting content for your course, we also provide support, including creative and production assistance.

Post-Event Promotion

Every course that is created will remain on the Catoctin College network, and receive promotion through social media and other channels. Additional promotional opportunities are available.


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