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Ecofy / VOC and Catoctin College offer you
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Our Featured Cannabis Classes and Courses

Starting A Cannabis Business - Cannabis Entrepreneurship 101

How To Start A Cannabis Business In Maryland or Washington, DC

This Ecofy / VOC workshop provides an overview of start-up basics (licenses and permits), marketing and public relations basis, software and business resources you need to consider, accounting best practices, and how to raise money to get your business moving.

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Cannabis Marketing Master Class - Catoctin College

Cannabis Marketing Master Class

The legal Cannabis marketplace is set to exceed $25 billion. However, though legalized in different ways across several states and Canada, cannabis remains federally prohibited. What's more, states and localities, as well as advertising, media, and social networks are developing independent standards on what constitutes acceptable marketing. In this class, we will review the industry, and cover all the essentials of marketing a cannabis business - its products and services.

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Cannabis New and Market Data

Cannabis News and Market Data

The cannabis industry is growing, and changing constantly. In 2018, the legal cannabis industry is expected to reach over $9 billion. By 2025, the industry could exceed $25 billion, which would make it larger in annual sales than the NFL. Ecofy / VOC and Catoctin College have put together a weekly course that reviews and analyzes the latest industry and market trends in the US and Canada, as well as select international markets.

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Create, Teach and Publish Your Own Cannabis Courses at Catoctin College

Catoctin Provides A Platform To Share Your Knowledge

Catoctin College provides a robust learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create courses and training exercises either for a classroom, online, or both.

Our partnership with Ecofy / VOC, the DMV's only co-working space dedicated to supporting cannabis businesses in Maryland and Washington, DC, also gives you a unique opportunity to teach classes from the most powerful and influential city in the world.

Start Sharing Your Cannabis Industry Knowledge

By working with our team, you can create courses or Webinars that share your knowledge and expertise in the cannabis industry with other professionals.

Our model allows you to offer the courses for free or for a fee. And by taping into our marketing, you can reduce the amount of time and cost it normally takes to successfully promote your course.

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