Content Marketing (Classroom and Online)

Content Marketing (Classroom and Online) onsite

Content Marketing (Classroom and Online)

February 20, 2019

Seats Available 150

About The Program

Class Starts: 2/20/2019

Business owners and marketing professionals understand that marketing is critical to success.

But many are confused about what content marketing is and how is it different from marketing as a whole.

In short, content marketing is marketing - but with a greater emphasis on the consumer. Content marketing requires an identified audience, listening to and understanding of the audience, content that is created for the audience, optimization of content, engagement with the audience, and managing the response. It is the creation and distribution of relevant information designed to generate demand or interest with the goal of creating a transaction or sale.

If done correctly, content marketing will build trust with your audience, and create a perception that you have something of value that solves a need.

In this class, we are going to explore the fundamentals of content marketing. What is it exactly? Why is it valuable? What works and what does not? And how can one create and implement a content marketing strategy in their own organization?

The courses will explore the basic foundations of content marketing, as well as get into the details of how to develop and execute a content marketing strategy. When you have completed this course, you will be able to successfully deliver a content marketing strategy that can contribute to business grow.


Marketing Basics

Content Marketing


Knowing Who YOU Are

Building A Team

Optimizing For People: How To Create Content

Content Ideas and Types

Consumer-Friendly Website Design

Lead Generation Tactics

Communication and Promotion

Analytics and Data: Defining and Measuring

Social Media Engagement

Customer Support

What You Need For This Class

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  • : Required for Online Students only


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