How Government Uses Social Media (Classroom and Online)

How Government Uses Social Media (Classroom and Online) onsite

How Government Uses Social Media (Classroom and Online)

March 6, 2019

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Class Starts: March 6, 2019

Class Time: 1:00 PM Eastern to 2:30 PM

The Government Contractors ( and Social Web Tactics ( class, "How Government Uses Social Media," is offered in the classroom and online.

Citizen engagement is a critical function for all levels of government.

Local, state, regional, and federal governments across the world spend billions annually on marketing and communications to make sure critical information is reaching constituents.

With the growth of social media use, how government uses social media has become an important topic. Governments across the world (including specific agencies and divisions) are interested in learning what is successful and what are industry best practices. At the same time, businesses want to learn how to best engage with government through social media to help solve common society problems and enhance services. There also is the growing potential for social media to help build the foundation for more direct citizen engagement with their elected officials, and empower the voices of people and increase civic participation in government.

In this class, we will explore a wide variety of case studies, independent and third party data, as well as anecdotal and direct commentary about how government uses social media.

Our courses will be divided into different topics, and to give students a comprehensive base of knowledge, we will cover different government functions and different levels of government.

For example, in one course, we will review how local law enforcement and first responders use social media to communicate crime prevention, emergency alerts, community activities, and general safety messages. In another course, we will examine how the U.S. military uses social media to promote its mission, global activities, and more.

In short, we will look at different types of government agencies at all levels of government, and include guest speakers so you can hear directly from the social media managers on how they communicate, as well as challenges and opportunities they experience in their daily jobs.

Lastly, we be sure to include data and information on trends, as well as the most effective social media channels and tools.

All course resources will be available online to those who register for the entire class. It does not matter when you register for the course.


How The U.S. Military Uses Social Media (3/6/2019)

How Law Enforcement and First Responders Use Social Media (3/20/2019)

How City and Local Governments Use Social Media (4/3/2019)

Future courses will be announced soon

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