Industrial Hemp: An Introduction

Industrial Hemp: An Introduction onsite

Industrial Hemp: An Introduction

Michael Hackmer - Catoctin College
Michael Hackmer

September 16, 2019

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About The Program

Hemp is a cannabis plant that is grown and cultivated for industrial, or non-drug, use.

It is currently grown in over 25 countries all over the world, and China is the leader grower and exporter. In fact, China has been the leading source for hemp seeds and products for American buyers and consumers. This is expected to change since the 2018 Farm Bill that legalizes industrial hemp in the United States has become law.

Agriculture and Environmental Benefits

Hemp was supported for legalization, due in large part because of the decline in tobacco farming, which was putting an economic strain on farmers. However, hemp has other agricultural benefits. For example, hemp can be used as a rotational crop for farmers, because of the nutrients hemp puts back into the soil. Hemp also helps prevent soil erosion and has other environmental benefits.

Commercial Uses

Hemp is used in a large number of commercially available products, including but not limited to: beauty and healthcare products (such as soaps and supplements), textiles (often as a more durable alternative to cotton), furniture, food, beverages, paper, and construction materials (for example, hempcrete).

In This Class

In the class, Industrial Hemp: An Introduction, we are going to cover a lot of ground regarding hemp. We will examine the history of hemp in the United States, review in detail most of the ways hemp is being used in society and potential applications of hemp (including a review of the retail marketplace), and then cover at a basic level where hemp grows best, and what it takes to grow hemp (agriculturally speaking).

Advanced Classes

In more advanced classes, we will cover topics such as:

  • Growing and Cultivating Hemp. This class will cover more advanced topics, including where to grow hemp, the best soil, how to plant and manage hemp plant growth, and how to properly cultivate hemp. We also will cover the technical training and staff required for the process, as well as the technology you need, and the supply chain you need to build to ensure a proper agricultural operation.
  • Harvesting and Storing Hemp. This class will cover details about harvesting hemp, and the proper methods for storage.
  • Business Costs of Growing, Cultivating, and Producing Hemp. This class will include background on the cost of land in many areas, the cost of equipment, seed, and personnel, as well as post-production and commercial product costs - compared against the revenue potential.
  • Hemp and the Law: Realities. This class will look at federal law, as well as state and local regulations. What's more, we will hear anecdotal stories from farmers who discuss how hemp shipments are still impounded by logistics companies and law enforcement, and steps you may need to take to protect your hemp.


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  • : Required for Online Students only
  • : Be sure to bring questions about hemp, and ideas you may have about starting a hemp business.


History of Hemp0 Lessons
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How To Grow Hemp0 Lessons

Michael Hackmer
Professional Background

Michael has 15 years of experience in marketing, sales, public relations and government relations with a background in a wide range of industries including: government contracting, broadcast media, new media, technology (Software, SaaS, ERP, and EaaS), manufacturing, food, retail, higher education, K-12 education. His experience includes both private and public sector markets, US and International markets.

Hackmer has founded several companies including Social Web Tactics, a digital marketing agency,, a media site focused on government contracting, and Catoctin College, an online professional education portal.

Over his career, Hackmer has developed strategic marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 businesses, including defense contractors, and companies in media, technology, health care, and education. Some of his clients have included: Hewlett-Packard, Red Hat, Calvert Education, K-12, ISO Group, TE, Wolters Kluwer, and Leidos.

Hackmer began his career working on Capitol Hill, and then in state and local government relations. He later managed industry affairs and association membership for non-profits. And then went to work in marketing designing websites and building audience profiles.

Michael is originally from Boston, MA. He lives in Virginia with his wife and daughter.


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