Week 12: The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion

Week 12: The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion

Week 12: The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion

Class Date: May 3, 2019

Class Time: 8:00 AM Eastern

This course is part of the "The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class.

Every entrepreneur or member of a startup business has questions, and is desperate to learn everything they need to do to be successful.

Starting a business is a huge risk. You are foregoing the security that often comes with working for a company.

Each day you need to make transactions to ensure you have an income (either through selling products or services, or fundraising).

And you need to manage all the aspects of a business or organization. You are not just working on a project, but keeping track of bills, invoices, taxes, employee relations (if you have employees), healthcare, and much more.

In this course, "The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion," Catoctin College and Ecofy / VOC CoWorking have partnered together to provide a forum for entrepreneurs, members of startups, and small business owners, to come together to gain insights that will lead to better productivity and business success.

Marketing expert Michael Hackmer leads a weekly discussion on a wide variety of topics, and organizes speakers with expertise in different phases of business operations. These can exclude experts on topics in the areas of accounting, legal, staffing, fundraising, business development, marketing and more. In addition to an opening lesson and guest expert speakers, there will be a group discussion, as well as group Q&A session that is designed to help everyone learn. These discussions and group questions also can help direct programming for the next event.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve your base of knowledge in business operations
  • Deal with the stresses of business ownership or being in a startup
  • Crowd-source solutions from other professionals
  • Get answers to important business questions

Each class is about 1 hour (60 minutes) in length per week. All classes are recorded and available as lessons as part of this course.

Note: Because this is an ongoing series, viewers will not receive a certificate of completion.


  1. "Entrepreneur of the Week," is the starting point for each course in the "Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class. This lesson will quickly highlight the story of an entrepreneur at a specific stage in the creation of their business, or to offer a summary profile of a famous entrepreneur. The goal is to show both the common challenges all founders or new businesses face, as well as how people overcame obstacles to success.
  2. "Fundraising, Finance, and Accounting," is the second lesson for each course in the "Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class. This lesson will cover a specific topic in either raising money for your business, general finance, or business / personal accounting. Since financial health is essential to a successful business, we will review topics that address common entrepreneur errors / mistakes, new tax laws, and smart strategies and tactics.
  3. "Marketing and Business Development (Sales)," is the third lesson of each course in the "Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class. This lesson will focus on a specific marketing and business development tactic each week. Though it will be condensed into a 15 minute presentation, additional resources will be available to students. The goal is to expose entrepreneurs to standard marketing and sales tactics, dispel myths about both disciplines, and introduce emerging trends in marketing and sales that entrepreneurs should be aware of and consider leveraging.
  4. "Business Operations (General)," is the fourth lesson of each course in the "Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class. This lesson will touch on a wider range of topics that relate to business operations. These can include employee management, human resources, hiring / talent acquisition, strategic partnerships with third parties, and other operational issues. Some topics will be introduced based on needs expressed by students in previous classes.
  5. The "Roundtable Discussion" is the fifth and final lesson of each course week in the "Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion" class. The goal of the discussion is for entrepreneurs to ask questions or share their need for information to help address a challenge or opportunity they may be facing. The discussion also can impact the topics discussed in future course sessions. If a large number of entrepreneurs want specific information discussed in a future class, the teacher will let the class know when that topic will be addressed.