Cannabis News and Market Data: Week 1

Cannabis News and Market Data: Week 1

Cannabis News and Market Data: Week 1

Course Date: February 19, 2019

Course Time: 1:00 pm Eastern (10 am Pacific) and finish by 2:30 pm Eastern (11:30 am Pacific)


Ecofy and Catoctin College have put together a weekly course that reviews and analyzes the latest industry and market trends in the US and Canada, as well as select international markets.

Instead of reviewing hundreds of news articles, research reports, and industry studies, we consolidate the information into a weekly two-hour class, and supplement with resources for students, as well as one-on-one Q&A with our teachers and experts.

In our week 1 course, we will:

  • Review the top stories and hottest trends in the cannabis industry
  • Provide a legislative update on what is happening at the federal, state, and local level
  • Highlight some top performing companies, and why they have been successful
  • Share key data / statistics
  • Open round table discussion

Not every course will follow the exact same format. During this class there will be course days when we will discuss key business issues for executives and entrepreneurs, such as reporting requirements, accounting and taxes, marketing tactics, and the latest legal issues - including cannabis legalization and local regulations. Other days, we will focus on how to properly network at events, raise money for a cannabis start-up, and more.

All classes will be taught in a classroom and streamed online. Recordings of the classes will be available to all students who register.

This is a twelve (12) week course that starts on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, and continues until early May.

We will bring in guest speakers, as well as have classroom discussion. Virtual students also will have an opportunity to ask questions, take part in discussions, and receive any materials produced for the class.

For a full list of all class dates, please review the master class schedule on the class page: Cannabis News and Market Data


  1. Cannabis News and Market Data: In this part of the course, we will provide a legislative update on what is happening at the federal, state, and local level. What legislation has been introduced? What have political leaders been saying about cannabis and regulations for the cannabis and hemp industries? Are there local movements seeking to restrict dispensaries, pop-up events, and other cannabis activities? This lesson will feature a speaker or report from an insider with expertise, as well as documents / resources for all students.
  2. Cannabis News and Market Data: In this part of the course, we will highlight top performing companies, and why they have been successful. This section will focus on companies that represent different parts of the cannabis industry, including: growers, cultivators, processors, laboratories, distributors, dispensaries, cannabis delivery, tourism and hospitality, as well as ancillary businesses that support the industry. We may also highlight failures in the industry, but our underlying goal is to showcase what positive steps businesses are taking to help fuel a positive growth mentality with all course attendees.
  3. Cannabis News and Market Data: In this part of the class, we will share and discuss key cannabis industry data and statistics that have been released in the public, and potentially some proprietary information that we have approval to release. We will look at data from BDS Analytics, Brightfield Group, Cannabis Big Data, CRAC, Headset, MJ Biz Daily (and other media companies from inside and outside the industry), and New Frontier Data. We also will share insights and data from industry organizations and advocates. The goal of this lesson time is to examine the data and trends impacting business owners, as well as those relating to or affecting consumers. We will have guest speakers from time-to-time to talk about cannabis industry data, including those who author research and reports.
  4. Cannabis News and Market Data: In this last section, we will have an open round table discussion to answer questions, as well as discuss topics. The purpose of the Roundtable is to have an open dialogue about what is happening in the news, market data, and business challenges and opportunities. The discussion can be about one topic that is dominating the industry during the week, or it can be broken up. There also may be an instance in which people pose questions that the teacher and group researches for next week's class.