Networking Events

Class Takes Place: January 30, 2019

Class Starts: 8:00 AM Eastern

All registrants for "Networking 101: How To Network At Events and On LinkedIn," will receive link to view online and recording of event.


Networking at events are essential in today's competitive job market.

Many industries require personal connections. And the more you are seen by colleagues in an industry, and engage with people, the more trust you build - the stronger your relationships become.

During this course, we are going to discuss some key aspects of networking events, including:

  • How you identify the right events to go to for networking
  • How to network successfully / Planning
  • How to initiate conversations and how to politely disengage from a conversation

We also will engage in some limited role play during class.


  1. As part of the "Networking Events" course, and the "Networking 101: How To Network At Events and On LinkedIn" class, this lesson will focus on how to networking successfully. We will discuss the need to create a plan, how to research and map out your goals, and how to achieve what you want at a networking event.