Thinking of starting a cannabis business in either Maryland or Washington, DC?

Got a business idea but don’t know where to start?

Looking for resources to grow and expand your business?

Ecofy and Catoctin College have announced that they will conduct a free monthly workshop for those persons that are interested in starting a cannabis or hemp-related business in the state of Maryland or in the District of Columbia.

Click here to register for free.

The workshop provides an overview of start-up basics (licenses and permits), marketing and public relations basis, software and business resources you need to consider, accounting best practices, and how to raise money to get your business moving.

The workshops are typically held the second Wednesday of each month from 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM. Check the date on the course you sign-up for.

The first event will take place on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, at Ecofy.

The second event will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at Ecofy.

And the third, and final event, will take place on Wednesday, February 13, 2019, at Ecofy.

Ecofy is located at: 1899 L Street NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.

There is no cost to attend the workshops, however registration is required.