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How To Conduct A B2B, B2C, and B2G Webinar

Webinars have evolved into one of the most effective lead generation and educational formats available to a business. However, they have to be done correctly – or the time and money you invest will not produce the results you expect or are capable of generating. This is a special course that combines learning with one-on-one exercises, personalized consultation, and support for your business with our Webinar experts.

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Jump-Start Your Career

Whether you are on the verge of graduating college, a recent college graduate, or an adult re-entering the workforce, you can benefit from a detailed professional jump-start that will get you ready for either a new job or for starting your own business. This course will cover 6 critical elements over six weeks, including your personal brand, corporate cultural, job searching, networking, and more.

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How To Build A Team For Your Business

Building a successful business depends on you and the people you hire and bring on-board. From your business partners, to team leaders, and all the way down through the ranks to your interns – personalities and talents all come together to make a team that will either get you across the finish line, or drag you down. In this class, we will hear from past entrepreneurs, hiring managers, and career specialists on how you can build a team for your business.

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The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion

In this course, “The Entrepreneur and Startup Discussion,” Catoctin College and Ecofy / VOC CoWorking have partnered together to provide a forum for entrepreneurs, members of startups, and small business owners, to come together to gain insights that will lead to better productivity and business success.
Marketing expert Michael Hackmer leads a weekly discussion on a wide variety of topics, and organizes speakers with expertise in different phases of business operations. These can exclude experts on topics in the areas of accounting, legal, staffing, fundraising, business development, marketing and more.

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How Government Uses Social Media

With the growth of social media use, how government uses social media has become an important topic. Governments across the world (including specific agencies and divisions) are interested in learning what is successful and what are industry best practices. At the same time, businesses want to learn how to best engage with government through social media to help solve common society problems and enhance services. There also is the growing potential for social media to help build the foundation for more direct citizen engagement with their elected officials, and empower the voices of people and increase civic participation in government. In this class, we will explore a wide variety of case studies, independent and third party data, as well as anecdotal and direct commentary about how government uses social media.

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How To Get Your Mojo Back

Every single one of us have faced that moment when we realize that we’ve lost that special power, drive or energy that is synonymous with effectiveness and success. In short: we’ve lost our mojo. This course will a series of online exercises, mixed in with group discussions, and some one-on-one discussion, designed to help you get your mojo back.

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Networking 101: How To Network At Events and On LinkedIn

Networking at events and online has become essential in today’s competitive job market. You need to be seen in-person and online, and be able to build relationships with people in both space in order to unlock opportunities and have a chance at the job you want. In this two-hour workshop, we will cover how to find the right events, how to network, and how to use LinkedIn effectively.

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GovCon Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines have become our answer engines. Government decision-makers at the federal, state, and local level use search engines to find events, information on products and services, and more. In this course, we will cover the fundamentals of search engine optimization for reaching people in the government.

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Productivity Basics: How To Be More Productive At Home and At Work

Everyone wants to find ways to better use their time to get more accomplished during the day. This is true at home and at work. Finding ways to improve one’s productivity has become elusive, especially as there seems to be more to do and less time to do it. During this class, we will review ways in which people are unproductive, and then explore different tactics for improving productivity – both at home, and at work.

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How To Be A Successful Remote Worker

If you are setting out to work remotely, whether it is a home office, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, you are obviously attracted to the idea of having more independence. A remote work space, whether it has a table, desk, or office, allows you, in most cases, to work your own hours. During this Ecofy and Catoctin class, we will review many of common benefits and features available to remote workers, as well as the pitfalls that can eat away at your time, and reduce your productivity. We will help you create an action plan, so that you can be successful as a remote worker, and accomplish your goals.

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Weekly Marketing Whiteboard and Discussion

In this weekly class, “Marketing Whiteboard and Discussion,” Michael Hackmer provides tips on marketing strategies and tactics including advertising, analytics, ways to measure success, generate brand awareness, create market demand or interest, search engine optimization, and social media engagement, as well as new technology, tools, and resources that marketers can leverage. Each week, Hackmer will present and provide some ways for you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

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How To Live A More Sustainable, Environmental, and Healthy Life

There is growing awareness of how everything we touch, breathe, use, or consume can impact the planet as well as our personal health. In this class, we will explore different ways to live a more sustainable, environmental, and healthy life. Speakers for this series will present on different topics. Where a speaker may represent a specific company or interest group, we will do our best to provide alternative speakers and content to balance the perspectives offered.

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Some of Catoctin College’s Teachers

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