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How To Conduct A B2B, B2C, and B2G Webinar

Webinars have evolved into one of the most effective lead generation and educational formats available to a business. However, they have to be done correctly – or the time and money you invest will not produce the results you expect or are capable of generating. This is a special course that combines learning with one-on-one exercises, personalized consultation, and support for your business with our Webinar experts.

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Content Marketing 101

Learn the fundamentals of Content Marketing for government contractors. We define what “content marketing” is and is not, what makes content effective in reaching potential teaming partners and government decision-makers, and how you can manage your content development process to work within budget and staffing constraints.

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Advanced B2G Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines have become our answer engines. Government decision-makers routinely start their research to solve challenges or explore solutions and ideas related to their agency’s mission by conducting searches to find as much information as possible. Is your company, and its products and services being found in those searches? This course is specifically tailored for GovCon professionals at all levels to learn the fundamentals of SEO, to see examples of how it is important, as well as dive into advanced concepts and tactics that will immediately make a different for your company.

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users that use the photo and video sharing networking for anything you can image. This course will explore Instagram, and how to use Instagram for marketing. We will cover best practices, case studies, and review ideas / interests from students and use them as examples. We also will review Instagram leaders – and identify who is personally and professionally creating the kind of compelling content that attracts an audience.

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Professional Brand Building and Networking for Government Contractors

Networking is a critical part of being a government contractor. To do it successfully, you need to know how to network, and you need a strong personal and professional brand that you can showcase. This course will outline how you can start to build a personal and professional brand, how to navigate the complex world of govcon events, and how to engage in and disengage from business conversations. There will be online lessons, as well as private group-chats, and one-on-one discussion.

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LinkedIn for Networking (Introduction)

LinkedIn is the most powerful business social network in the world. Not convinced? This course will review exactly what LinkedIn is all about, how to construct a compelling profile, as well as networking techniques / tactics that you can employ immediately to start making connections. This course is not as detailed as our LinkedIn for Sales / Business Development course, but it is a good starting point.

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Create, Teach and Publish Your Own GovCon Courses at Catoctin College

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Catoctin and Government Contractors Provides A Platform To Share Your Knowledge

Catoctin College provides a robust learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create courses and training exercises either for a classroom, online, or both.

Our partnership with Government Contractors, a leading source for news, events and resources for government contractors, also gives you a unique opportunity to reach a wide audience of businesses and government decision-makers.

We also have a partnership with Ecofy in Washington, DC, that provides a location for co-working, a podcast and video studio, and classrooms where you can teach classes from the most powerful and influential city in the world.

Start Sharing Your GovCon Industry Knowledge

By working with our team, you can create courses or Webinars that share your knowledge and expertise in government contracting with other professionals.

Our model allows you to offer the courses for free or for a fee. And by taping into our marketing, you can reduce the amount of time and cost it normally takes to successfully promote your course.

How To Get Started

Complete the form on the right, or e-mail us at: courses@catoctincollege.com. Let us know what kind of course you are thinking about creating. And let’s do it!

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Create A Class or Course

Catoctin College provides a robust learning management system (LMS) that allows you to create courses and training exercises either for a classroom, online, or both.

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Get Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access for your business, agency, or organization to classes and courses available at Catoctin College, as well as the option to create specialized learning programs for your team.

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