Course Description: Monday Motivation: How To Get Your Mojo Back

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Start Date: Monday, February 11th

Every single one of us have faced that moment when we realize that we’ve lost that special power, drive or energy that is synonymous with effectiveness and success. It is an almost magical force that propels us forward. And when we are missing it – there is a flatness to our state of being that creeps in. In short: we’ve lost our mojo.

As universal as the feeling of being in the zone when your mojo is on and you are on top of everything is – so is the sensation that you’ve lost it and need to get it back.

Personally, I’ve had ups and downs over the last several months as I started new businesses, helped other companies, and worked on various projects. But losing mojo does not just apply to entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether a relationship has ended, you were passed over for a promotion, your family has chosen to make the holidays a painful experience, or the world and some guy named Murphy has decided that what can go wrong, will go wrong, there are many forces that can cause you to lose your mojo.

So, how can you get your mojo back?

This question has prompted me and others at Catoctin, and Ecofy / VOC (a co-working space in Washington, DC), as well as those in the health and wellness industry, to do some extensive research on all the ways we can recapture our mojo, and stay motivated and energized.

The first step for me was to research and write an article a few years ago entitled “15 Ways To Get Your Mojo Back.” The next step, was for me to build a library of articles and resources that could refer to and learn from. And now, I think the time has come for a course, so that we can all work on this together.

The course, Monday Motivation: How To Get Your Mojo Back, will be on Monday’s starting on February 11th at 8:00 am, and continue on into April of 2019. It is the first part of our Monday Motivational series, which will include other courses on more specific motivation topics.

Throughout the course we will evaluate all the user feedback, make adjustments and improvements to ensure we are as responsive to the audience as possible.  When the course is over, we will conduct another evaluation, and then launch a follow-up course or courses.

Goal of our course

Mojo, energy, momentum, positivity, and more are all within our grasp. They help us to accomplish more, be better people, and overall, live a happier, healthier, and more sustainable life.

Our goal is to provide a helpful, weekly class wherein you can learn new or re-learn old techniques that are designed to help recapture your lost energy.

We are going to focus on sleep, diet, exercise, as well as quotes / words, actions, group discussions, and more to build a library of resources that you can turn to.

One thing to take into account as you review the list below is that there is no pill or formula that will work for everyone or work every time.

What’s more, you may find that some days it will not take a great deal of effort to get your mojo back, while other days you need to expel a great deal of effort.

What is required of you to make this course successful for you is a willingness to “DO” or to take action. Sometimes, we create a mental barrier to moving forward or feel that we cannot achieve. Our teachers and lessons will do their best to help you break bad habits or help you change your mind set, however, you need to remember that only you are in command of your own brain. And as the ruler of your mind, you have total control over what you want to do.

What comes with the course

Each day we will do something a little different, but we also will have some routines to build positive habits.

We also will provide third-party resources that we recommend reading or viewing. But we will keep homework limited.

Lastly, throughout the course, we will bring in experts to teach – either a class or a section of a class. These experts are volunteering their time and expertise to help you, but in most cases, are available for follow-up questions, and may recommend additional services that they provide to help you. These services are not specifically endorsed by us, and are not included in the course registration fee. But you will not be charged for anything without your approval.

Also, some of these experts may have political or religious views that differ from yours. We ask that you do not judge the person or stereotype who they are based on what they may personally believe (eg, you are agnostic but the speaker is religious), but listen to what they are saying during the class, and approach their tactics with an open mind. With that said, our goal is to make sure that no offensive content is presented as part of the course, because we believe that any class should be inclusive to all who want to participate. We want to present as many successful and proven ways to help you restore your mojo, because we recognize not everything will work for everyone.

If you have questions about what comes with this course, or our expert teachers, before or during the class, please let us know.