How To Create Successful B2B, B2C, and B2G Webinars

Lesson Five: Creating the Presentation and Event Script

Key questions we will ask and answer: How do you structure your presentation? How can you keep your audience engaged during the presentation? What do you need to say at the start and finish? And is there anything you need to avoid doing?

The presentation is the moment to deliver what you have promised, and provide a great experience for the audience to ensure they the information they need. You also want to make sure that in addition to meeting audience expectations, you create the right kind of "calls to action" or CTAs, and move people through your sales process. We will review successful examples of presentation slides, discuss flow, speaker-moderator-audience engagement during the event, polling / surveys, and how to properly script your event.

Every participant will receive an outline for how to present a Webinar - a mock script - that you can adapt for future Webinars.

One-On-One Session

As part of the one-on-one session time, we will review everything outlined to date. By this point, we should have topic, event date, speakers and other key logistics decided. We will have outlines for our marketing and promotional efforts to build an audience. Now, we need to start thinking about what information will be presented and how the information will be presented.

Some of the key goals of this one-on-one session are to create a presentation outline, start to build the presentation and gather any graphic or content assets necessary, and set a firm date to complete the presentation. We also will want to start to create a personalized script for the event. And we will want to review the marketing campaigns.

Course Objectives

  • How to structure your Webinar presentation
  • How to script your event for the moderator and the speakers
  • What kinds of ways can you keep your audience engaged
  • Identify effective CTAs
  • Plan how the Webinar will set-up your post-Webinar activities
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