How To Create Successful B2B, B2C, and B2G Webinars

Lesson One: Introduction To Webinars

Key questions we will ask and answer: What are Webinars? How popular and effective are they? What are the best cases to use a Webinar? How can you set goals and measure success? What technologies are available? What is the budget necessary for a Webinar? And how long is the process for setting up your first event?

We will define what Webinars are, and review industry statistics for B2B and B2G marketers. What's more, every marketer needs to qualify why their company should create a Webinar or a Webinar series / program. We will go into detail about where Webinars are most effective, and cover some data on return on investment or ROI from Webinars.

The course will examine a detailed list of Webinar providers and costs to help you start planning your budget, as well as the types of technologies you can use for your event. And we will review the steps and time necessary for creating a successful event.

One-On-One Session

As part of the one-on-one session time, we will examine your company's business (what you do), who your customers are / the target audience, and the market challenges your audience is facing. Though "audience identification" is a topic that we will explore in more detail in Lesson 2, we need to start thinking about your audience as part of the planning process.

Some of the key goals of this one-on-one session are to map out why your company should conduct a webinar, draft our expectations for results, outline a budget, and identify topics for a potential event.

Lesson Objectives

  • Qualify the value of a Webinar for your business
  • Review successful event formats
  • Identify Webinar service providers, and available technology
  • Start to outline your budget
  • Begin to determine your audience and potential topics
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