How To Create Successful B2B, B2C, and B2G Webinars

Lesson Three: Event Logistics

Key questions we will ask and answer: What is involved in producing a Webinar? What technical and personnel resources does a business need to hold a successful event? When is the best day / time to schedule a Webinar? What internal pieces do you need to map out - from managing tasks, creating graphics, and coordinating your speakers to setting up the room the day of the event, and how you thank all your participants when the event is over. And, how to plan for / react to problems that could occur during a Webinar.

This set of lessons will go into great detail about all the planning and logistics involved in hosting a Webinar to ensure you do not miss steps. We will cover providers, audio quality, video, applications that are commonly used as well as those that can give you an edge. And we will discuss how to avoid a bad event through planning.

We also will provide for all students a detailed spreadsheet planning document that can be used to manage all phases of a Webinar event.

One-On-One Session

As part of the one-on-one session time, we will review what has been determined to this point in terms of audience and topic, and outline all the next steps.

Some of the key goals of this one-on-one session are to map out every action going forward including when email campaigns will be sent and when slides will be developed. We will lock-down an event speaker or speakers, finalize the moderator, set a date for the event and the event rehearsal, and start to build out a complete event map for what needs to be done.

Lesson Objectives

  • What are all the logistics for a Webinar
  • What technology do you need to be successful
  • How many people do you need, and what are their roles
  • How to plan to avoid a bad event or recover from mistakes or technical problems in the fastest way possible
  • Provide a rolling Q&A about Webinar planning and logistics
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